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My name is Tracey Higgs and this blog has been created for the development of my understandings throughout the unit ESH151: Children’s Literature Studies.

I am passionate about bringing literature into the classroom when I finally graduate as I feel that it can open up the world to children as it allows them to explore themselves and the world around them. I have a 9 year old daughter who always has her head in a book and I enjoy spending time reading with her – we are currently reading The BFG which is an all time favourite for both of us. I love Roald Dahl, it is wonderful that he can reach across generations and through time. Personally, I do not have much time for reading for reading’s sake, however this year I have tried to make time. I have just finished reading The Secret Garden  and A Little Princess, two stories which were a part of a large beautiful book that my mum gave to me when I was a child which I never finished reading. They have reignited my love of reading for reading’s sake and I am currently reading The Red Wind while awaiting Neil Gaiman’s newest book to arrive in the post.

The title of this blog is a confession. I have always done it and I always will. First impressions count! It also speaks to the multimodal nature of picturebooks – as literature they incorporate visual and written languages to portray meaning and you should, therefore, be able to judge a book, at least in part, by its cover.


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