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IMG_0330 edit

(Thompson, 2003)


Little Quack

Written by: Lauren Thompson

Illustrated by: Derek Anderson

Published by Simon and Schuster, 2003.

IMG_0331 edit

(Curtis, 1998)





Today I feel silly: & other moods that make my day

Written by: Jamie Lee Curtis

Illustrated by: Laura Cornell

Published by: Harper Collins, 1998

(Joyce, 2011)





The Man in the Moon

Written and illustrated by: William Joyce

Published by: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2011.


(Gershator, 2007)





Listen, listen

Written by: Phillis Gershator

Illustrated by: Aison Jay

Published by Barefoot Books, 2007




FFBoMML - Cover

(Joyce, 2012)

The fantastic flying books of Mr Morris Lessmore

Written by: W. E. Joyce

Illustrated by: W. E. Joyce & Joe Bluhm

Published by: Simon and Schuster, 2012




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